Preparing for my Savile Row Bespoke Diploma

By Ashleigh on 15th June, 2015

Ashleigh SRB diploma

On Thursday I will be displaying my work to qualify for my Savile Row Bespoke diploma; in order to gain my SRB diploma I will have to prove that I can make a jacket from start to finish.

Two Savile Row tailors will looking at examples of my work throughout my time as an apprentice. I have to bring a finished jacket and a fitted jacket I have made; and I will also show them samples of my work like pockets samples, sleeve samples and collar samples.

They will also look through my portfolio, sample notes and whatever else it has taken me to learn how to make jackets. I have already made the finished jacket and I am currently working on the fitted jacket to present. The judges will be looking to see I can do all the parts involved in  making a jacket; from the basics like cutting correctly with scissors and stitching, to more advanced skills like putting on finished sleeves.

It was a really nice opportunity to go through all the work I have done other the past three years as an apprentice, it was surprisingly nostalgic. Going through my old samples notes, I was able to tidy a lot of it up and also refresh my memory at the same time.

On Thursday I will take all my pieces, portfolio and samples over to Henry Poole, and I will be judged along with four other Savile Row apprentices. I have always worked my hardest during my apprenticeship, and I have been given good feedback about my work so I am optimistic I will pass and gain my diploma. My fingers are crossed.