Savile Row Coat Making Diploma

By Sunna on 8th July, 2013

The year before last I took part in the Golden Shears. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed doing it. When the opportunity came to work on gaining a Coat making Diploma, I thought it would be really nice to have in light of it being a recognition from Savile Row itself.

Ollie Trenchard was going for the Cutting Diploma, so it was an opportunity for me to make for him. After he had measured and cut for his assessor, the bundle was handed to me to make a start. I wanted to treat it as just another bundle but in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but think I was going to be assessed on it.

In just under two days the jacket was ready to be tried on as a Forward. The first fitting went well and Ollie returned it to me so I could take the coat to a Finish, which I did. After two days it was complete and I was not only pleased, but relieved too.

Along with making it, the assessment required a portfolio to be put together which was an explanation of what I had done with photos and samples of pockets. I really enjoy being creative so this was a further opportunity to show it. With every page of text, I printed onto tracing paper and mounted that onto another piece of paper – securing it with cross stitches in each corner. Attention to detail is all part of what we do so I wanted to mirror that with my portfolio.

Ollie and I went around to Henry Poole to hand our entry in. We both felt nervous and when the 3pm announcement arrived I was really happy. We both passed and I had achieved my Coat making Diploma. Feedback on my making is to follow and I’m waiting in anticipation for that.