Seersucker Cloth

By Liberty on 14th July, 2015


I am currently canvasing a Seersucker cloth for a standard single breasted jacket. The thin all cotton furrowed fabric is woven in such a way that causes the threads to bunch up, giving it its wrinkled look. Seersucker is lightweight and airy making it a perfect summer cloth and now is the time we get most of our orders.

I really enjoy using Seersucker; you have to treat it differently to other fabrics like wool; any pressing or ironing if needed should be done lightly. When you are canvassing cloth you have to keep the jacket straight; for me I find it easier with a stripe or checked cloth as you can use the lines as a guide.

Liberty SeerSucker (2)

Seersucker is common in light colours like pink, blue, green, orange and yellow which look great in the summer. I am using a light blue cloth but I also have dark navy seersucker cloth which I love, it works really well.

Liberty SeerSucker (4)

Anderson and Sheppard are known for having a soft canvas which creates a relaxed fit. For the majority of jackets I use a linen flax body canvas, this creates a softer jacket but for these particular jackets I am using a thicker, heavier wool canvas. When canvassing the jacket, it will be made up of four layers, the cloth, body canvas, hair cloth and domette cloth. The domette is put on top of the hair cloth to prevent it from poking through the jacket. We soak and dry the canvas to shrink it before working with it.

Once I have completed the canvassing, the jacket is shaped and I begin the next stage of facing the jacket.