Spring Is Here

By Audie on 6th May, 2014

This time of year brings change: light for dark, new growth everywhere and still a chill. So while the winter coats are put away, we still need an extra layer for the shady side of the street.

The knitted merino and cashmere jacket is a great answer to this transitional problem.  It has patch pocket and comes both single breasted and double breasted. It is a clever mix of jacket and sweater and is great for travel and weekend lunches when you may just get to sit outside.

Swapping cashmere for cotton, our heavier cabled sweaters with shawl collars come in many colours and are from our friends on Inis Meain.  They are inspired by traditional fishermans’ sweaters and add a cosy layer while temperatures stay below 20 degrees.

In contrast, the lightness of a 30 gauge cashmere sweater slipped under a jacket adds colour and warmth and is especially useful when travelling.