Striking in and Cutting out.

By Max on 16th December, 2015

Max Striking aand cutting Anderson and Sheppard

As an apprentice cutter, striking in jobs under Mr Hall’s supervision is a job that I undertake. With any job the first step is to check the cloth for any faults that it may have. We also check the pile of the cloth to ensure that it’s cut the right way; this is important as it makes certain we get the best shade and finish from the cloth once it’s cut.

After this we then proceed to lay in the customers pattern, essentially like a jigsaw. The lay is worked out to reduce any wastage whilst also being economical. From here we strike in the job making any allowances for inlays, top collar and any extras a customer may have requested like half belts or turn back cuffs.

Max cutting and striking Anderson and Sheppard

Once this has been checked over the final step is then to cut the job out to our high standards again being under Mr Halls supervision. Step by step this process involves cutting the trouser portion of the job which is then passed on to our trouser cutters, after this is the top collar is cut followed by the sleeves, the back and finally the forepart is cut.

On completion of this, all parts of the job are neatly laid together and then given to our trimmer so the process of making can begin.