Summer Favourites

By Matthew on 5th August, 2015


An array of lightweight suitings, linens, frescos as well as cottons in a range of colours and shades have been a regular sight in our fitting rooms. If one is not a Londoner and is used to hotter climates through the year instead of enduring rain and fog with splashes of sunshine in between, then an 8/9oz cloth in a tropical finish can be an ideal choice for all seasons. Let’s remember that our swatch books are filled with endless choices and therefore it is beneficial to have some background knowledge into our summer favourites.

Linen feels cold to the touch and it becomes softer the more you wash it (by no means do I suggest throwing your linen suits in the wash). When it comes to our favourite choice of linen at Anderson & Sheppard we recommend the W. Bill Irish Linen bunch; it’s slightly heavier than others and it makes up beautifully. The nature of the cloth makes linen crease easily which only adds to the character of the garment.

If linen is not your choice of cloth and you prefer something more refined when it comes to texture and finish, than the cool wool is an ideal option. Wool is a good cloth for most seasons, merino helps give cool wool its natural spring and helps keeps the suit from creasing; certainly more so than any linen or cotton.


Fresco has a crisp texture and finish, it is a 100% wool fabric produced in order to allow the wearer to travel light and crease free. Hardy Minnis has a bunch called Fresco II which is indeed a favourite of ours, with a range of stylish strips, window panes and plains.


Cotton is a favourite summer choice for casual wear. Working in the trouser department I can say that cotton is certainly the most common choice for casual trousers. Like the linen this cloth also creases rather easily, adding character to the garment. Our favourite is the Cashmere Cotton & Pure Cotton bunch from Scabal.