Tailored Stories Project.

By Michael Arter on 17th April, 2015

BTS Anderson and Sheppard

Over the past couple of month we have been visited by students from the fashion courses at Kensington and Chelsea College and the London College of Fashion. Working with the arts and education charity digital-works, they have created a project that delves into the history of Savile Row.

25 people from the trade were interviewed for the project; they talked to a mix of people who work in different aspects of the industry from many of the tailoring houses on the Row, and some of the interviews will feature in an informative documentary film about the people working on Savile Row.

BTS Anderson and Sheppard.jpg Micahael

From Anderson & Sheppard, Coat Cutter Leon Powell, Waistcoat Maker Rosemarie Bolger, Coat Maker Derrick Tomlinson and I were all interviewed.

With over 30 years at Anderson and Sheppard it was an opportunity for me to explore my relationship with Savile Row, and the discussion with the students really helped me remember and appreciate the amount of history that there is on the Row. It’s apparent in the amount of the people who work here that have been influenced by their parents and continued on in the trade, like Derrick and Rosemarie; and also to see how passionate the   younger generation like Leon are about the craft.

All in all it really was great to be part of this project, and I can’t wait to watch the film at the premier screening in June and see how it all came together.

Click here to listen to the interviews.