The 12oz Mid Grey Triple Stripe

By Ollie on 29th April, 2013

The mid grey triple stripe is back after a leave of absence and numerous requests. Designed exclusively for us by cloth merchant H. Lesser, in 2000 we refined the design by bringing the three stripes closer together along with keeping the dot making up the stripe, smaller. This made the design more intricate. From a distance this suit gives the impression of a classic bold stripe, but come closer and the rest of us see the detail making up the stripe.

Stripes are not just for the city and should remain a real favourite. If you’re building up a wardrobe you might prefer to start with your plain options – serge, pic n’pic (shark skin), birdseye or herringbone. But then comes the stripes.

If you’re looking for something exclusive, that you won’t find anywhere else then consider the S331 12oz Mid grey triple stripe.