The Anderson & Sheppard linen jacket

By James on 8th August, 2011

In my last post here on The Notebook I talked about the ways in which you can wear tailoring casually – it’s not all about business suits.

The jacket above is another good example of tailoring for a more casual setting, in the form of a bright blue linen. As much as a navy blue or a cream remain good staple options I think it makes for a strong and fresh look to go for a brighter, more vibrant colour. It’s a summer piece after all!

This is a three-button, single breasted jacket, fully lined but with patch pockets, both hip and outbreast. The debate over whether the outbreast pocket should be a patch like this is up for personal debate, but I like it; I think patch pockets go with the general casual look of the jacket.

Often our linen jackets are fully lined, but some customers do have half-lined versions, with lining just up the foreparts and a yoke across the shoulders. We tend to recommend linen which is either 10 ounce or a 13 ounce. Some customers that go with the lighter weight want a jacket that is more breathable, so unlined might well be more appropriate for them.

The buttons are pale yellow horn. Again, I think this reflects the casual nature of the jacket. Patch pockets might work on a suit, but it does make it more casual and a bit more continental. Perhaps the option to try for those with enough character to carry it off!

We use bone buttons on our suits most of the time unless customers prefer the unpolished horn buttons. Personally I prefer horn buttons in general, and they certainly fit well with a more casual jacket.