The first fitting

By Ollie on 1st October, 2012

I wrote recently about taking on my first customer at Anderson & Sheppard and creating his pattern. The first fitting with him – the next stage in the bespoke process – took place a couple of weeks ago.

It went very well. He didn’t ask many questions, but it was his first experience with bespoke so I think he was a little unsure about what was appropriate. We talked mostly about when the next fitting could be arranged and the final suit completed. He has just started university elsewhere in the UK so we were coordinating when he will next be in London.

I enjoyed the rapport we now have. The relationship you establish with a customer is one of the things I enjoy most about being a cutter: the face-to-face contact and affinity you build up.

The fit was also pretty good. There were a few things that had to be changed, as is inevitable with a new customer and so a new pattern, but given this was the first pattern I had created for a customer, I was pleased. It was a little large in places so I pinned the sides, and the sleeves needed some tweaks, but the length and the balance were good.

With those changes marked on the jacket, I then go back to the pattern on my board and adjust it. I write down instructions for the tailor to make the changes to the jacket that are pinned or chalked on it, and send it off. I don’t recut the jacket myself unless something major has to be altered, like deepening the size of the armhole.

It just came back, ready for the next fitting, so it’s ready and waiting for when he comes in.