The Fox Mid Grey Herringone Flannel Special

By Oliver on 11th March, 2013

Is there anything more comforting to wear than a flannel suit? Even though we’re heading into Spring, I really enjoy wearing my 12/13oz Mid Grey Herringbone Flannel Special from Fox Flannels. It’s a cloth that we had commissioned exclusively for us a few years ago by Fox, and has been really popular ever since. It’s a lovely mid grey with a herringbone weave that becomes apparent when you see it closer up – something that makes for a more interesting alternative to a plain flannel.

It comes in a host of weights, but I think by its nature a flannel should come with some weight. It is a woolly, soft and warm cloth that to my mind should be at least 11oz. Flannel that is as low as 8oz doesn’t really cut the mustard for me.

Like a good sports car, a cloth as beautiful as a quality flannel needs looking after. The trousers in particular will need pressing regularly to insure for a razor sharp crease down the middle. As a cloth it also tends not to spring back into shape as much as the more elastic worsted wool, so again needs a helping hand from a press. If you are looking for a suit that you will wear and wear, I think it’s fair to say that a medium weight flannel does wear a little quicker than a worsted and is perhaps a better option once you have your wardrobe established on a good rotation.

Having said all of this, there really is nothing quite like a flannel suit. You cannot beat it for elegance, comfort, and warmth during the colder months. And while it does require some care, as with everything decent in this life it needs looking after!