The Importance of Fittings

By Ollie on 27th February, 2014


As an apprentice Cutter under Mr Hitchcock, I have worked on many facets of cutting and fitting during my 3 and a half years at Anderson and Sheppard.  The process of drafting a pattern is challenging. I’ve worked hard to overcome this by obtaining the SRB Cutting Diploma last summer.

The real test, however, is in the fitting room; the one-on-one with the customer. No matter how technically proficient a pattern may be on paper, nothing can compare to seeing the garment worn by the individual.  Its here where the lines, proportions and balance can really be seen.  As a result of the fittings, a customers pattern will be altered to reflect these changes and tweaks, meaning that going forward less is needed to be done at each fitting.

The fitting process is really interesting. There are two sets of eyes with sometimes different visions of the end result.  There’s the client’s vision of how he wants to look. The Cutter, on the other hand, with his trained eye and technical know-how, is focused primarily on how it ‘should’ look, whilst preserving the house style.  A Cutter would of also seen many similar body shapes to the person in question and can make an informed decision based on past experience.

Options are discussed. These conversations could sometimes end with both sides having to compromise, bringing Cutter and customer together. This is usually the beginning of a lasting relationship.