Visiting the Bespoke Shop

By James on 4th March, 2013

Visiting a tailor, let alone a Savile Row tailor, you might have preconceptions that you are setting foot into an unapproachable world and an environment that isn’t interested in explaining itself, and what it does. We like to challenge that. Choosing the right tailor for you is a key decision, and there are many houses offering different styles and ways of cutting to consider. After all, a suit is a big investment so it’s important that you’re happy with the style that is on offer. Even before you pay us a visit, we hope you’ll find a useful introduction to our style through our website.

Our Bespoke Shop is much more than a place to order a new suit and have fittings. We really hope that it’s an environment that everyone, whether they are new, old or even potential customers feel they can come and explore the possibilities. Even merely come and have a chat and pass the time of day with us over a cup of coffee or a glass of Macallan by the fire, while perusing through the Financial Times.

Colin, myself, William and Stuart make up the Front of House team and are always on hand to help and give advice. Stuart, particularly, if you’re looking for an insight into what the weather is doing over the next few days!

Paying a visit in the morning always insures for good light when looking at cloth, but we can always bring you through to the cutting room, where it can be better in the afternoon. It’s important that you enjoy your time with us, and if you simply come and have a look through some bunches and begin to think about having a suit, there is never any pressure to order and we can always send you samples to consider. We are ready when you are ready.