By Max on 16th August, 2016


Now as anyone at Anderson & Sheppard will tell you I am a big advocate of three piece suits. For me having a waistcoat adds an extra level of style and in some ways can change the entire look of the suit; whilst also allowing a smart appearance even when not wearing a jacket.

FullSizeRender (1)

Whilst there are not as many style options compared to that of a jacket, the main visual aspect is the lapel styling. Personally I love a step collar on my waistcoats, however there is the option of going for a plain front on the vest with just the pocket shape being the visual part, this allows the waistcoat to blend in seamlessly with the jacket that’s being worn.


Step Collar Waistcoat

A shawl collar which was once reserved mainly for dinner-wear is now becoming an ever popular style to have. In my opinion it is a cleaner and more stylish option compared to typical double breasted style of vest, but once again this all comes down to individual preference.


Shawl Collar Waistcoat

A final point is that having a contrasting waistcoat in an interesting route to go down, for example having a grey suit with a blue stripe/over check and then having a waistcoat made in the same colour blue as the stripe or check completely changes the look of the suit as a whole. Of course this wouldn’t be something done for a business suit but for a more casual 3 piece, it can give the customer more options and can act as a bold talking point.