Wearing braces

By Ollie on 21st October, 2013

I began wearing braces relatevity recently. Having had a number of suits now, I have always supported the trousers by having side adjusters. Out of all the ways of keeping trousers supperted by the waist they are still my preference. But in addion to their detail, I started wearing braces – putting brace buttons inside the trouser waist to keep everything clean and hidden.

I like them becuase as you would expect they keep trousers elevated, but allow you to have less tension in the waist. I find this really comfortable, but perhaps equally as important is that they help maintain the correct shape of the trouser throughout my working day.

Visually I like the fact that with not many young people choosing to wear them, they have become more of a statement accessory. But most importantly, I like them becuase they are not only practical but stylish; and if you can tick both those boxes, then there’s a good chance I’ll wear it!

I have my trusted navy pair that go really well with both my navy and grey suits. But I’m eyeing up a new pair of green, as is the signature for all my suit linings.