Working on trousers for Clifford Street

By Oliver on 20th May, 2013

I’ve been involved with the development of our trousers at Clifford Street since 2011. The first pair I cut for the project were made up in white winter cotton and based on my own pattern.

We went on to develop different styles, inspired by some of our clients, that needed to vary in formality. Those with higher rises and wider widths, to those with lower rises and slimmer widths.

Since the opening of Clifford Street we now have four styles in stock. We have three further styles on their way including the ‘Brace back’ and the ‘Slouchy’ which has a low rise with a looser fit. A great summer trouser that sits on the hips like pair of jeans but in a linen hopsack.

It was so important to us that we found a factory for the production of our trousers that understood our DNA of what we strive to deliver. After a scrupulous search, we found a small yet quality fuelled Italian factory to partner with. They are fantastic to work with because they value attention to detail as much as we do. In fact when the trousers are made, they have specialists who concentrate on their particular part of the process and then pass the pair on to the next person for their input. At each junction in their making, they are pressed.

We have embraced colour with our trousers and as you’ll find when you come and visit Clifford Street there is something for everyone – whatever the time of year or climate that you live in. They come with unfinished bottoms, but with Michael and Keith, two of our tailors on site, it won’t be a long wait to have them finished to the length and style that you want them.